Comparing the Gait Belt to the new alternative LiftVest for patient lifting and transfer

The gait belt - a wide canvas belt fastened tightly around the waist of the patient - leaves much to be desired for both the patient and the caregiver.

Gait BeltUntil the invention of the LiftVest, the only manual device available for caregivers to use in transferring wheelchair patients was the gait belt, but using the gait belt successfully requires intensive training. It also necessitates close physical intimacy between the caregiver and the patient.

Typically, caregivers must crouch down in front of the patient and wrap their arms around the patient - grabbing the gait belt in back; then, with the patient's face on the caregiver's mid-section, they begin the transfer. This is not only awkward and dangerous, it is also uncomfortable and undignified for the patient. In addition:

  • Gait belts frequently slip up above the waist - causing injuries.
  • Gait belts do not stabilize the upper body of a patient.
  • Gait belts require close physical contact between the patient and the caregiver.

  • The LiftVest allows caregivers to lift from the front, back or side- whichever is most convenient.
  • The LiftVest does not require close contact between patient and caregiver.
  • The LiftVest gives the caregiver control over the patient's upper body.
  • The LiftVest makes "re-positioning" easy.
  • The LiftVest can be used to pick someone up off of the floor or as a two person lift to carry a patient.
  • The LiftVest is made like a stylish garment and does not look like an institutional device.
  • The LiftVest fills the need for a comfortable, dignified, easy-to-use method of transferring patients without the risk of injury to the caregiver or the patient.

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Read LiftVest Success Stories:

vatican vest

"Thank you for your LiftVest, which you invented for those confined to a wheelchair. The ingeniousness on your part to design this safe and comfortable LiftVest is a sign of your deep concern for those less fortunate than others."
~ Bishop Stanislaw Dziwisz, The Vatican

"...Back injuries and muscle strains are far too common for caregivers, nurses, and even family members assisting with transferring the elderly. The LiftVest is the absolute IDEAL transfer solution for semi-ambulatory residents needing assistance for assisted living communities, nursing homes, as well as the home health industry."
~ Allan Thomas, Senior Housing Insurance Consultant

"…This unique product is far superior to the gait belt and bridges the gap nicely for those who do not have access to mechanical lifts for semi-ambulatory residents and patients. Simply by utilizing this product, the Senior Housing and home health industries will be able to reduce transfer injuries, which will have long term effects on controlling workers compensation premiums for years to come."
~ Allan Thomas, Senior Housing Insurance Consultant

"I can honestly say that this one piece of equipment has added to the dignity, safety and freedom for all concerned."
~ Ms. L. H. Engle, Ft. Meyers, FL

"The LiftVest lets you pick up your patient from any angle. From the back, front or any direction. It makes your job so much easier."
~ Barbara S., Ability Resources, Tulsa, OK

"Thanks for the LiftVests. They have been particulary helpful with our thin residents who prefer to be transfered without gait belts because they hurt in the rib area. Thanks for developing these vests."
~ T. Trafford, Director Rehab Services, Maranatha Village

"Your product is just wonderful!"
~ Gigi Bernstein, Abramson Center for Jewish Life, North Wales, PA

"Your LiftVest has been a great help in the care of my mother. The strain on her and us has been reduced a lot with the vest. (Her) physical therapist was also very impressed with the vest. She said it really helped with her therapy and gave them more control of her movements. Thank you for your help."
~ Elisabeth G.

"My husband was diagnosed with ALS last year, and he is at the state now where he can no longer walk or get out of a chair or bed without assistance. Your LiftVest has become his 'lifesaver vest'. Not only for him but also for myself and the CNA's now helping. . . . Thank you for creating, producing and marketing the LiftVest."
~ Virgina L.

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